Sunday, March 7, 2010

What A Weekend!

It has been a great weekend. Friday and Saturday night I was up til the early morning hours. I recently got myself a new toy and hubby and I were up late playing with it. The orgasms are amazing. If you don't have one, or your wife/gf doesn't have one.. buy one! I am almost embarrassed to admit how many times I have cum with that toy. Add in a dildo, heaven. The sex that follows all of that has been mind blowing. I am a very happy woman! I also crossed another line that I never thought I would, but this new found confidence has allowed me to do.. videotaped myself and the magic massager experience. I have to admit I was uncomfortable at first, embarrassed, and I still feel pretty much the same way about it, but I am still pretty proud of myself. Maybe one of these days I will feel confident enough to post a video. We shall see!


1 comment:

  1. That would be a lucky day for all of us! I would love to see a video of you. You are not only blessed with a BEAUTIFUL face but in my eyes you have an amazing body as well. You are a true goddess in my eyes. Hope you are continuing to gain confidence and hope you are still enjoying your new toy ;-)