Sunday, March 7, 2010

Can't Sleep So What Do I Do?

Get a freezie and rub it on my boobs of course! Ahh, the things they come up with playing truth or dare in the chat at CP. The dare was to rub an ice cube on my nipples and take a picture. Being that I live ghetto fabulously and have no ice maker, and we were out of ice, I had to choose between a frozen bag of peas, a carton of ice cream or a freezie leftover from the summer. Freezie it was. Hubby laughed as he stood there listening to me swear at my “retarded nipple” for not sticking out as much as the other one, as I rubbed the dang freezie over my nips. Finally success, finally a few pictures. All in the name of truth or dare. Yes, I rock.

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