Sunday, March 7, 2010

I'm Standing Taller

I’ve noticed that I am standing a little taller lately. This new found confidence has done wonders. Who knew that a few “naughty” pictures posted on a BBW forum could transform me so much. Long gone are the baggy sweatshirts and too-big jeans. The no make-up days are fewer and further apart. Pony tails or hats to cover up my boring hair doesn’t happen anymore. Nope, now I make sure my jeans show off my thick butt, my shirts fit tightly around my chest (tightness depends on where I am going!). I don’t have one lipstick that I rarely wear, but I have numerous shades and always wear at least gloss. I converse more, I engage more. I look people in the eyes. I smile more. I laugh more. It really is a wonderful feeling being me again. I enjoy the attention. I missed the attention!

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