Monday, May 17, 2010

In Case You Missed It . .

It's Official!  Notice the misspelling of my name.. yea, not too happy about that, but I guess it's too late.  Maybe I should rename the blog becomingsammy?  Also, not real happy with them not using the pictures I sent  them for my site design, but luckily I have changes coming very soon for that!  So, to sum it up.. Southern Charms is lacking on the communication aspect, but dangit.. It's UP!  My site is UP!    Take a look, laugh at how amateur the site looks right now, honestly I think it's fugly, but know that it is going to get much better very, very soon!  I also have lots more picture updates ready to go!!  Keep an eye out for those.

~sammie or sammy?  hmm

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